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List of Bothrops Complex by scientific name


Robert C. Jadin

The pitvipers have always been my favorite group of snakes and recently I have taken special interest in the Bothrops genus of the subfamily Crotalinae.  These should be the species and subspecies recognized to date.  



Bothriopsis b. bilineata                                   Two-striped forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis bilineata smaragdina                    

Bothriopsis chloromelas                                 Inca forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis medusa                                       Venezuelan forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis oligolepis                                     Peruvian forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis pulchra                                        Andean forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis t. taeniata                                     Speckled forest-pitviper

Bothriopsis taeniata lichenosa



Bothrocophias campbelli                                 Ecuadorian toadheaded pitviper

Bothrocophias colombianus                             Colombian toadheaded pitviper   

Bothrocophias hyoprora                                  Amazonian toadheaded pitviper

Bothrocophias microphthalmus                        Small-eyed toadheaded pitviper

Bothrocophias myersi                                      Chocoan toadheaded pitviper



Bothrops alcatraz                                           Jararaca-de-Alcatrazes

Bothrops alternatus                                        Urutu

Bothrops ammodytoides                                 Patagonian lancehead

Bothrops andianus                                          Andean lancehead

Bothrops asper                                                Terciopelo

Bothrops atrox                                                Common Lancehead

Bothrops barnetti                                            Barnett's Lancehead

Bothrops brazili                                               Brazil's Lancehead

Bothrops caribbaeus                                        Saint Lucia Lancehead

Bothrops cotiara                                               Cotiara

Bothrops erythromelas                                     Caatinga Lancehead

Bothrops fonsecai                                             Fonseca's Lancehead

Bothrops insularis                                             Golden Lancehead

Bothrops itapetiningae                                       São Paulo Lancehead

Bothrops jararaca                                              Jararaca

Bothrops jararacussu                                         Jararacussu

Bothrops jonathani                                             Cochabamba lancehead, Jonathan's Lancehead

Bothrops lanceolatus                                          Fer-de-lance, Martinique Lancehead

Bothrops leucurus                                              Whitetail Lancehead, Bahia lancehead

Bothrops lojanus                                                 Lojan Lancehead

Bothrops marajoensis                                         Marajó Lancehead

Bothrops moojeni                                               Brazilian Lancehead

Bothrops muriciensis                                          Murici Lancehead

Bothrops osbornei                                              Osborne's Lancehead

Bothrops pictus                                                   Desert Lancehead

Bothrops pirajai                                                  Piraja's Lancehead

Bothrops punctatus                                            Chocoan Lancehead

Bothrops roedingeri                                            Roedinger's Lancehead

Bothrops sanctaecrucis                                       Bolivian Lancehead

Bothrops venezuelensis                                       Venezuelan Lancehead


The Bothrops neuwiedi complex:

Bothrops neuwiedi                                                Neuwied's Lancehead

Bothrops diporus                                                  Chaco Lancehead

Bothrops  lutzi                                                      Cerrado Lancehead

Bothrops mattogrossensis                                    Mato Grosso Lancehead

Bothrops pauloensis                                             Black-faced Lancehead

Bothrops pubescens                                              Pampas Lancehead

Bothrops sp.                                                          Marbled Lancehead



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