High blood pressure patients, today, have an incredibly varied group of medications to select from. Two extremely popular kinds are diuretics and beta blockers.



wqsdfedrDiuretics are most effective in those examples where the hypertension is of a moderate nature. The disadvantage, however, is that these kinds of medications can easily wipe out potassium reserves from the body. As a result, with more significant cases of hypertension, they typically need to be incorporated with extra medicines to be most efficient. Since of this, the first selection of many doctors is a beta blocker based medicine.

Beta blockers work by decreasing the heart rate

The effect of this is to lower the quantity of blood that it is pumping through the arteries. And this lowers the blood pressure. This sort of medication is particularly popular for individuals who have already had cardiovascular disease or a stroke. Also, it lowers the risk of another one.

The most difficult part of recommending medicines is identifying the right blends of medicines to make use of. And it is essentially a trial by error affair. As a result, beta-blocker treatments are generally used in combo with diuretics, ACE inhibitors, or other kinds of medicines.Beta blockers, as do most treatments, will normally create some side effects. One of the most common is cold hands and feet, specifically in the winter season time. Because blood is streaming through your arteries slower, your body will not warm as quickly. An easy answer is to either raise the temp in your house or add apparel layers. If the cold truly gets too extreme, however, let your physician know and he will probably be able to adjust your medicines.

The puffiness in various parts of your body is an additional effect that drugs of this type can have on you

sadfdfOther patients, especially those who are sensitive to beta blockers, can undergo an extreme, and possibly life-threatening, slowing down of their pulse rate. The bad thing is that many people with high blood pressure have diabetes as well. If you have diabetes, beta-blockers can raise your blood sugar levels. So you may have to monitor your glucose levels as well. The key thing is not to be shy about calling your doctor if your body starts to experience any radical changes.

It is essential to monitor medicine and food interactions as well. It’s well recognized that beta blocker based medications can often interfere with particular foods. Particularly acidic meals such as grapefruit juice. Your medical professional should have the ability to let you know which foods to stay away from.