You might have heard of enlarged thyroids condition either once or even several times.In one way or the other, you may have suspected that you or your friends suffer from this condition. This article explores the nature and the cause of thyroid enlargement and what you need to do about this condition.

What Thyroid can do to Your Body

over weight personThe thyroid is a part of the body’s endocrine system, glands network which is important in releasing the hormone that is responsible for normal functioning. It is the smallest organ in the body usually divided into two lobes or halves. Joined by another tissue knowns as the isthmus.

The function of the thyroid is to produce thyroid hormones knowns as T4s and T3s which comes from the conversion of iodine. The hormone T4s and T3 control body metabolism and the transformation of calories and oxygen to energy. Every cell in the body depends on this organ to produce the hormone for it to function.

The functioning of this organ depends on the pituitary gland, found at the base of once brain to be activated. When thyroids hormone gets to the body, it lowers the pituitary gland from releasing thyroid hormone which stimulating to send impulses to thyroids to produce more T3S and T4s which will increase body metabolism and its functions thus increasing heat in your body if its cold and will make you over weight.

The Cause of Enlarged Thyroids

People who develop the enlarged glands of thyroids, a condition called a goiter. When this gland enlarges, the thyroids can be seen as from outside and appear as mass muscles inside the neck. In some cases, this condition comes as a result of overproduction of hormones produced by thyroids or can be referred as malignant. In some instances, non-toxic goiter comes as only enlarged but not overproduction of thyroids hormone which is a particular case. If some fail to take enough salt which provides enough iodine into their diet, one can experience this enlarged thyroids.

Treatment Options

DrugsThis depends on the size of the gland if it’s small or moderate it can be treated without hormone production from pituitary glands. This can be taken to control only by taking a pill prescribed by experts.The tablets will only stop it from growing not reducing the size of the thyroid due to hormone supplied by thyroids to the pill will cause the pituitary to produce, a fewer thyroid stimulating hormone which will result in stabilization of the glands of thyroids.

Mostly its recommend by doctors that the removal of some parts of the thyroids that causes the compression in other parts of in the neck, such as the esophagus or trachea. This medication can lead to change in voice or even nighttime chocking. If the goiter conditions are determined as a malignant, it’s recommended that all parts that produce the compressions in the neck to be removed by trained doctors through surgery. Of which these cases are minimal almost 5% of cases recorded to the enlarged thyroids as malignant. Take a proper diet and be visiting healthy check-ups for good health they say prevention measures are good than cure.